By consulting about buying industrial parts, introducing similar industrial parts, checking the availability of parts in the shortest time to transport and speed up the sales process with the company's experts, you can speed up the process of carrying out your projects.

Our Services


Manufacturing and production of various industrial parts


Import of special goods


Provide technical and engineering advice

Engineering Services

Casting of non-ferrous alloys

Some of former projects


imen sazeh amin Karoun


imen sazeh amin Karoun


imen sazeh amin Karoun


imen sazeh amin Karoun


imen sazeh amin Karoun


imen sazeh amin Karoun


Iman Sazeh Amin Karun Company provides you with the opportunity to fulfill your order in both fields of manufacturing and production of parts and purchase and import of equipment with peace and confidence and knowing the current process of ordering without worrying about supplying your parts and equipment

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Trading and import

The company is proud to use experienced experts in the field of correspondence and trade contracts with the majority of developed industrial countries, the possibility of price inquiry, purchase and delivery of goods and industrial equipment in legal customs and the place requested by the customer quickly And make sure


Quality Control

The most important goal of this company is to provide the products you request with the highest quality, so we have put precise and instant control of all parts on the agenda. In the field of imported goods, due to having employment contracts, the possibility of inspection in the factory of origin in most countries is provided by domestic and foreign inspection companies.


Experienced staff

Having specialized experts and efficient and experienced personnel in the field of design, drawing and production of various industrial parts Experts of the parts industry with experience and knowledge and observing the principles and commitment of work, try to provide the best services in all industrial fields and production of various parts Respectable customers. Leave your project to our experts with confidence


Industrial partners

By recognizing and cooperating with the industrial capacities of Khuzestan province, we provide you with the possibility of various industrial production services, as well as consulting and introducing the industrial capacities of Khuzestan province.


Some of our customers

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پتروشیمی مارون
فولاد هرمزگان
فولاد مبارکه
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About Us

Get a wide range of industrial services for your business

This company entered the field of industry in 2014 with the aim of producing and supplying industrial parts required by various industries in Khuzestan province. From the beginning of its activity, the company has been able to take successful steps in the field of production and supply of industrial parts by using a technical team consisting of experienced specialists and experienced experts.


All these years, our various services have delivered long-term innovation

New industries in the country today more than ever need to manufacture and produce various metal parts

Good and ideal design should be in a way, while reducing production costs, also eliminates performance defects, which will not be justified without proper knowledge and sufficient quality of execution.

Today, design using computer devices and software has accelerated the development of progress in various fields of engineering. A designer must be able to save production costs by having a sufficient level of knowledge and high experience

Utilizing new technology and standard executive quality in the production of parts and providing services will differentiate the manufacturer and provide products with more quality and durability to the customer.